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Irish Water to hire private contractors to restrict supply


Another day begins with an Irish Water-related news item that is likely to inflame public anger to melting point.

The beleaguered quango is set to hire private contractors to descend upon households that do not pay their water bill and restrict their supply to a trickle.

Council workers will install restrictor devices on non-paying households, thus reducing the pressure to barely enough for drinking water, but insufficient for showers, washing machines, and other essential household activities.

There has been a huge citizen backlash against the introduction of water charges, and particularly against the bungling institution that has been spawned to manage them, Irish Water.

Amid all this firestorm of controversy, Irish Water have this week announced bonus schemes for both performing and nonperforming employees, managers, and other perks like car allowances.

A massive public march to protest against the water charges is scheduled for November 01.

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