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Irish Water urging landlords to pass on details of tenants


Chiefs at Irish Water have strongly urged landlords to pass on details of their current tenants to the company.

The announcement comes as many residential landlords fear that they will be forced to pay water charges on the behalf of their tenants. It is understood many landlords want clear clarification regarding the issue. It is understood that the Environment Minister will hold a meeting over the issue. Irish Water say that tenants have already been given notice to register their details with the company, ahead of the first expected residential bills being sent to homes next month.

However Irish Water have claimed that there has been a rather low uptake from people living within rental accommodation, with Irish Water claiming only half of those who live in rented accommodation have registered. According to the law, its understood that the occupier of a property is liable to pay domestic water charges, unless they can prove they do not live at that current address.

Meanwhile Elizabeth Arnett of Irish Water made a statement regarding the issue: Arnett says landlords can pass the details of their tenants to the utility company. She added: “So in the instance if an occupier hasn’t registered their details, the landlord can now contact us and say: ‘Look, I do own that property, it is connected to public water services, but it’s not me that lives there, it’s so-and-so’,” “The only thing we’re looking for is the name. And then we will then contact the occupier and inform them that their name has been given to us, and invite them to register directly.”

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