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Irish wife killers gets listed in the new ‘world’s most evil’ US documentary series

Wife killers Joe O’Reilly and Colin Whelan have been listed as two of the world’s most evil killers in an American documentary series.

The monsters will appear in a soon-to-air Discovery Channel series with input from a retired cop who helped capture them.

Former Detective Inspector Pat Mary says he has made eye contact with some of the country’s most vicious killers, but O’Reilly and Whelan top the list.

He said, “I’m currently filming for the Discovery Channel. I have come across them all, every type of psycho.” O’Reilly, 50, was caged for life for battering his wife Rachel to death at their home in Naul, North Dublin, in October 2004, reports The Mirror.

Computer analyst Whelan fled to Mallorca after murdering his wife of 27 years, Mary Gough – she fell down the stairs, he claimed – but was later tried and sentenced to life in prison.

Mr Mary has ruled out any prospect of winning the appeal for O’Reilly’s telephone access in light of the Graham Dwyer decision.

He said: “He couldn’t because this all came to fruition in 2011 about the phones with Dwyer,” reports The Mirror.

Asked if he believes such killers can be reformed, Mr Marry said: “What I always say about a person who murders someone is of course they would do it again,” Reports The Mirror.

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