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ISIS ‘Beatle’ terrorist to be extradited to US supermax prison

Image source: Fox

An ISIS jihadist, known as one of the ‘Beatles’ group of British fighters, has lost his last appeal to avoid extradition from the UK to the United States, meaning he is likely to spend his remaining life in a notorious ‘Supermax’ prison.

The Sun reports that the mother of El Shafee Elshieth challenged Home Secretary Priti Patel to stop Britain sharing evidence against her terrorist son with American intelligence. Her claim was ruled to be ‘not properly arguable’ meaning the 32 year old faces extradition.

Elseith and his 36 year old co-accused Alexander Kotey are the two surviving members of a brutal ISIS death squad nicknamed ‘the Beatles’ due to the London accents of its four members. They carried out a number of infamous beheading videos of western hostages during their time in the Middle East fighting with Islamic State before their capture.

The duo will likely be sent to Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba alongside other terror suspects. If they are convicted and end up in a supermax prison, they will spend the rest of their lives deprived of all stimulation and comfort in a punishment centre feared by even the world’s most hardened criminals and terrorists.

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