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ISPCA: Take special care of your pets this Halloween


The ISPCA has issued an annual message urging pet owners to take special care of their animals this Halloween as they may be frightened by the noise of fireworks.

ISPCA Inspector Michael Keane has said. “Pets can become terrified during the Halloween festivities but steps can be taken by pet owners to minimise any stress caused,”. “When children are calling to your door, ensure your cat or dog will not wander out to the street by keeping them in a secure place in the house.
“You can leave the TV or radio on to reduce the noise of fireworks. Equine owners should keep their animals securely stabled”.

The ISPCA are also say you should always have effective pet identification such as an ID tag on your pets collar plus a microchip in the event your pet escapes.
The organisation also highlighted  that sweets, and especially chocolate, are highly toxic for pets and should not be given as treats.

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