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Schoolboy killer free after serving 6 years in jail


After stabbing schoolboy, Sean Nolan, to death teen killer Finn Colclough, has been released from prison after serving six years.

The attack happened on May 26, 2007, where Colclough was convicted after a nine-day trail. Colclough, spent most of his sentence in Shelton Abbey Open Jail in Co. Wicklow.

The incident occurred  when Nolan and two of his friends were celebrating their graduation in Waterloo Road. C0lclough was returning home with friends being at a family friends 21st party. Colclough got frustrated with Sean and his friends who were outside his home on Waterloo Road.

A confrontation happened after Colclough took two knives from his kitchen and threatened Sean and his friends. Sean stood up to Colclough which led Sean to getting stabbed.


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