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Israeli troops are told that they’ll be inside Gaza ‘soon’

Image source: BBC

A Humanitarian agency says Gaza is “on the brink of an exploding health crisis” – as Israel’s defence minister told soldiers on the border they would soon see Gaza “from the inside,” reports Sky.

A British-Israeli man told Sky News how Hamas massacred his family members and “live-broadcast” the murder of his cousin.

Adam Ma’anit’s 18-year-old cousin, Mayan Idan, was killed along with his mother while hiding in a bomb shelter during an October 7 Hamas attack, reports Sky.

Mr. Ma’anit said Hamas fighters infiltrated the kibbutz where his family lived, broke down the shelter door and killed everyone inside.

“We only learned a few days later that Hamas also filmed it, the terrorists livestreamed it to their channels. It was one of the first images released of their attack. You can hear Maayan’s siblings crying, you can hear the gunshot,” reports Sky.

President Biden has not returned to US soil after his air trip to Israel, but it is believed he will deliver a speech tonight.

James Matthews, our US correspondent said: “He will set out to the American people, we are told, the importance of staying in the fight, not just in the Middle East, but also in Ukraine. He will draw that connection between those two conflicts in distant lands and stress the importance to the American people and out what it means to them, and stress the relevance of it,” reports Sky.

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