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Joan Burton: ‘State pension is absolutely secure’

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Tánaiste Joan Burton has today denied any reports that the Government may be considering cuts to the State pension.

Ms. Burton has said that the current rates are “absolutely secure” and that the Government remains firmly committed to keeping them as they currently stand.

Her comments were issued on foot of a newspaper report suggesting that the State pension rates might be under threat of cuts.

But the Tánaiste dismissed such reports by saying that it “does not represent official Government policy – which is to protect the State pension given its enormous importance to older people”.

A highly sensitive political issue, the Government would do well to steer clear of even considering touching the State pension. The backlash from any such move would likely be tenacious and potentially quite damaging to an ailing government that is still reeling from the popular uprising against the water charges, an issue which is certain to blight any future decision or policy taken by the Coalition from this moment on, and will become Enda Kenny’s shadow until his fall from power.

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