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Kelly: “It is not possible to scrap water charges”

The former Environment Minister and Labour party TD Alan Kelly has claimed it is not possible to scrap water charges.

Mr Kelly’s comments come after both Sinn Fein and Fianna Fáil have claimed it is possible to scrap the much hated charges.

However the European Commission has ruled that Ireland must pay the charges. Mr Kelly’s comments have seemingly contradicted Fianna Fáil’s earlier claims water charges can be paid through that general taxation alone.

Although Mr Kelly doesn’t believe this to be the case, saying: “The Attorney General has advised the Government, I know because I actually wrote to the Attorney General and asked her to advise the Government and it was the Government after me that would have got that advise.”

“So Minister Coveney should give us a flavour of that. “Legally the commission are being very clear with this Government so Fianna Fáil are engaging in populism as usual and this is a complete hypocracy.”

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