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Latest opinion poll shows a significant increase in support for current coalition government


According to recent opinion poll there is significant increase in support for the current coalition government.

The latest opinion poll the RED C poll which is due to be published by the Sunday Business Post tomorrow suggests that a large majority of voters believe that  change in Government would cause a halt to the economic recovery. The poll is the second taken in recent days, it shows that public opinion towards the coalition has significantly changed in recent months. Figures show that support for the Fine Gael party is up 3 points to 27% the highest they have had within a year. Meanwhile support has also risen for the Labour party as they have risen by 3 to 10% the figures show a rather significant increase as the party have not received a double figure percentage rate in over a year.

However support for the Fianna Fáil party remains relatively  unchanged at 18%, whilst support for Sinn Féin has drastically fallen by four points to just 17%, although these statistics have come in the wake of further sex abuse allegations surrounding the party. Meanwhile the Independents and Others are at 28% a slight fall of 2 points this figure also includes the
support for Renua Ireland who currently have 2%.

This poll suggests that the voters continue to have confidence in the coalition to manage the public finances with almost half of all voters saying they are concerned that a future change in government would halt the economic recovery. Although almost two-thirds of voters claim that they themselves have not personally felt any benefit of the economic recovery.

The survey also found that a massive 62% of voters believe that with the recession almost over Ireland is in need of a new government to deliver a fairer society.

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