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Leo Varadkar says he wants privacy and fears homophobia is now ‘acceptable again’

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says he and his partner have refrained from making their relationship public due to a desire for privacy, reports Breaking News.

The Fine Gael leader has opened up about his upbringing, his sexuality and personal moments in his life.

Speaking to The Ciara Phelan podcast on the Irish Examiner, he said he believes his relationship with Dr Matt Barrett is being treated differently to other political leaders because he is gay and unmarried.

“I do think to a certain extent though, as well, at least for a couple of years, we were quite public in our relationship. We have pulled back from that a bit,” he said, reports Breaking News.

He added: “Homophobia has become a little bit more acceptable again, I’m not sure why, I think the debate around trans issues might be part of that, it’s become a gateway for some people to become homophobic again. I would have known early on that I was probably gay, maybe as young as seven or eight or nine, certainly in teenage years, but probably kind of thought it was probably a phase that might pass. In my 20s I was a very serious person, was really into politics and was a councillor, very involved in Fine Gael, and then as well, was a junior doctor, so very busy with work,” reports Breaking News.

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