Let Peaches Geldof Rest In Peace! It's Time To Have Some Respect

Let Peaches Geldof Rest In Peace! It’s Time To Have Some Respect


TheLiberal.ie learned late last night the apparent reason for Peaches Geldof’s death.

We could have easily been one of if not the first to post it online. The London Times broke the story in their paper today, but a leaked version made its way online.

No doubt by this time most of you will have heard the reason, but we made a collective decision last night not to cover it.

Our decision had no bearing on Geldof’s ‘somewhat’ celebrity status. It did however have a bearing that one day her kids, her husband, her father or her sisters could conceivably hear of TheLiberal.ie and the fact we chose the decent thing to do and let her Rest In Peace.

Peaches was blatantly no Saint, but who of us is? Who hasn’t done something stupid in their life? Answer: no one.

We live in a time where likes, shares, and condemnation rules more than common decency.

This woman was a mother and yes she made a mistake, but drudging that mistake through the media can only hurt her family even more, but blatantly she loved her family very much too. They know it was a mistake, we know it was a mistake, but before every press page and social status is written… put yourselves in her families shoes last night.

That’s what we did and we’re proudly not running that story.

R.I.P. Peaches Geldof

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  1. By virtue of the fact that you published this, however short, you are reporting on it. Just saying.

  2. And here’s hoping that you give all other drug addicts the very same respect in future ….

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