Lifeguards on high alert after yet another shark attack in Sydney

Lifeguards on high alert after yet another shark attack in Sydney

Several popular Sydney beaches have been closed after sharks attacked a dolphin in the waters near the city.

At least two bull sharks have been sighted in the Shelly Beach area of northern Sydney since the attack and authorities have closed all nearby beaches as a precaution.

The injured dolphin circled the shallow water but eventually landed on the beach and died.

Manly Open Surf, a carnival that takes place on the beach during the weekend, has been suspended.

Lifeguards extricated people from the water after the attack, which occurred around 07:00 local time on Saturday (20:00 GMT on Friday).

Hundreds of people were going to attend the festival.

Tracey Hare-Boyd, a spokeswoman for Surf Life Saving New South Wales (SLSNSW), said thankfully no one was injured or involved in the attack.

An eyewitness who was on Shelly’s beach told ABC News she was initially happy to see a dolphin swimming in the bay.

But she soon discovered a shark was in the water and the swimmers were told to stay dry.

“We came back and saw the dolphin was on the beach which was really incredibly sad,” she said, reports BBC.s

Beaches from Shelly Beach to Queenscliff Beach remain closed and people have been urged to be vigilant and follow shark safety advice.

Human deaths from shark attacks are rare in Sydney, only two in the last 60 years.

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