Love/Hate: Backlash on social media as fans claim show went 'too far'

Love/Hate: Backlash on social media as fans claim show went ‘too far’



There was a backlash on both Facebook and Twitter last night after the finale of Love/Hate season 5 was aired. The show depicted a rape scene where Fran was viciously raped with a snooker cue.

Fans claimed the episode was too violent, with one claiming “I nearly got sick after the show”.

Over the past number of years, the graphic nature of the programme has been tolerated and expected to a degree, but last night’s violence has received many complaints. Allegedly RTE received many calls from parents concerned at the “gratuitous violence” of last night’s show.

Janet, a well known prostitute on the show, was also brutally murdered with a con-saw.

The end of the show has apparently brought the end to King Nidge. The gangster was shot numerous times by “Paddy the pipe bomb making traveller”.

What did you think of last night’s show? Was it too violent or did it depict what happens in the drug underworld?

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