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Major free speech rally to be held this weekend outside the Dail

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There’s a major free speech rally taking place in the capital this weekend and people who believe in free speech and are opposed to “controlled thought” are asked to attend.

Resistance to the political establishment’s drive for greater restrictions on speech is growing with a large Free Speech Rally set to take place on Saturday, November 16th outside Leinster House at 2pm.
Parties, individuals and groups such as the Irish Freedom Party, Renua, Direct Democracy and the Yellow Vest Ireland movement along with others will come together to take part in a non-partisan rally to demand that Fine Gael government refrain from placing greater restrictions on speech.

Speakers at the rally will include Ben Gilroy – MEP Candidate and Housing rights activist, Paddy Manning – Journalist and Pro-Life Campaigner, Dolores Cahill – Academic and Chairperson of the Irish Freedom Party and Patrick Green – President of Direct Democracy Ireland.

Other speakers are expected to be confirmed in the coming week with others representing all of Ireland’s pro-Free Speech organisations at the rally.

In recent weeks the Fine Gael government, and political establishment in general, have been left reeling by the success of small Irish communities in resisting the EU mandated migrant plantations and in reactionary panic they have renewed a push for controlled speech as means to stifle this awakening.

It is also speculated that the legislation will be used to suppress opposition to the government’s “progressive” agenda.

Support for Minister Charlie Flanagan’s new legislation criminalising speech the establishment deems unacceptable also comes from the opposition, with Sinn Fein’s Martin Kenny TD, railing against what he sees as the “normalising” of racist language.

This has been met with outrage by Irish citizens who have already launched a petition against this proposed legislation which can be signed by clicking here: “Ireland says NO to “Hate Speech” Laws”

The Facebook page organising the rally can be viewed by clicking here: The Irish People vs. Fine Gael Speech Laws

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