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Man saved from “bubble” off the coast of Florida

A man has been rescued off the coast of Florida as he attempted to reach Bermuda in a homemade “bubble”.

Reza Baluchi, an Iranian granted exile in the United States, set off an alarm for assistance when he started suffering from fatigue and was unable to complete the 1,033 mile journey.

The bubble, or hydro pod, is made of an aluminium frame studded with soccer balls. Baluchi ran inside it, pushing it with his arms. He had stocked it with protein bars and water, and had planned to catch fish also, resting in a hammock.

In the past, endurance runner Baluchi has spent 6 months running around the perimeter of the U.S. He’s also completed a 7-year bike ride through 55 countries on 6 continents. According to his website, his aim has always been to raise money for children in need, and to inspire others.

On this occasion however, it was Baluchi himself who found himself in need of help from the US Coast Guard air crew which came to his aid and brought him ashore.

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