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Martin: “Current coalition Government is incoherent

The leader of the Fianna Fáil party Michael Martin has described the current coalition government as incoherent.

Mr Martin, slammed the current Fine Gael – Independent regime during his party’s annual Eamon de Valera commemoration event in Co. Clare over the weekend.

Mr Martin, told his fellow colleagues thar the different groupings in Government need to work together more effectively in order to bring about positive change for Irish people, Mr Martin explained: “Our view is the Government is lacking strategic planning at the moment and is lacking cohesion in terms of how it is operating between the Fianna Gael side of things and the Independents.”

“I mention car insurance and homelessness as two issues that require definitive action on behalf of the Government and I am highlighting them in my speech as areas that the Government need to move effectively in the coming months.”

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