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Mary Lou McDonald finally jumps on the not-paying bandwagon


Political analysts estimate that for every person that goes to the trouble of marching in a public demonstration, 5 – 7 more people who are in their immediate family or circle of friends would be influenced by their decision to march.

Mary Lou McDonald and her cohorts are finally seeing the writing on the wall and have jumped on the no-pay bandwagon.

McDonald and the secretive Sinn Fein party have tried their best this week to hide from the unbelievable revelations of mass rape and sexual violence which now seems to be at the core of their party, and the water charges which they have been extremely “watery” on until now, seem to now be presenting them with a chance to latch onto new votes.


An innocent young Mairia Cahill pictured with Gerry Adams.

At election time, will we remember those who always stood fast against the disgraceful water charges, or will we remember the latchicos who have latched on from the Sinn Fein party and who treated Mairia Cahill and so many others with absolutely contempt.

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