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SIPTU leader O’Connor supports Taoiseach’s warning on water charges


After a weekend of mass protests along with some leading government figures voicing their disapproval of the water charges, it seems that the Taoiseach Enda Kenny has some support after all as it has been revealed that the chief of the country’s largest trade unions has agreed with Mr Kenny’s comments on water charges.

Mr Kenny warned the public over the weekend that the abolishment of the charges would lead to a 4% hike in income tax.

Mr Kenny’s comments have been echoed by Jack O’Connor the head chief of the largest trade union SIPTU, Mr O’Conor suggests that the Government would have to make up a shortfall in funding if householders refuse to pay the charges.

Mr O’Connor also believes that lack of revenue being generated by the charges would lead to the coalition government being forced to higher taxes and seek private investment to plug the gap.

Mr O’Conor told reporters: “What’s going to happen now is that Irish Water won’t be able to collect its revenues to a sufficient degree,” “It will drift into insolvency, and then the Government of the day …will be faced then with the costs associated with putting the investment back on the balance sheet – and that would entail tax increases and public spending cuts. “And – Hey Presto – in that situation, private money will emerge as the solution.”

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