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Meet the new face of ‘People Before Profit’

No, this image isn’t a joke – it really is a candidate for Dublin North Central. His name is John Lyons and he’s running under the ‘bonkers-economics’ party of people before profit.


 Their general mantra is one where there’s hundreds of thousands of  rich people left  in Ireland who should be taxed into oblivion. Little do  these wannabe politicians  realise that not only are there only less than  5% of people in Ireland grossing more    than €100,000 a year, they’d  all leave quicker than the Jaguars they’re reputedly  driving if they  were taxed anymore

 We need politicians who will encourage people, not constantly try and  detract from  them and take, take, take. tried to contact Lyons to clarify his position on various policies but the  outspoken pro-abortion campaigner didn’t take our calls.

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