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Micheál Martin: ‘I think the Taoiseach is deluded’


The leader of the party that handed Ireland’s financial sovereignty over to European paymasters has today accused the government of “spinning, spinning, spinning all the time,” and added that “no one takes Taoiseach Enda Kenny seriously.”

Thus Micheál Martin hit back at Enda Kenny, in a thinly veiled response to his comments about a popular choice between Fine Gael and Sinn Fein at the next election. Mr. Martin took a further snipe at the Taoiseach by accusing him of “extreme arrogance”.

“I just think he’s deluded. I think no one takes the Taoiseach seriously,” Mr. Martin said.

Furthermore, the Cork South-Central TD went on to accuse Enda Kenny and the coalition government of breaking multiple election promises, and he would get no argument from anyone there.

All this comes in the wake of rumors about a possible election as early as February 2015.

The war of words and a concerted smearing campaign are truly underway, but in the end, no matter who wins, the people will lose.

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