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Migrant quota: Ireland to accept more migrants than planned.


Under a new EU quota, Ireland has agreed to accept an extra 300 migrants, it had been expected to take 272.

These are new measures proposed by the European Commission and is the first time the EU has had a proposal of migrant quotas for member states.

Ireland has already begun resettling 220 people, most of these are Syrian, up to 2016.

The aim of the quota is to bring 20,000 refugees into Europe in the next two years.

Ireland had a chance not to take part, but decided ultimately to take more people on.

Britain will not be participating, with Germany taking on the highest number of migrants, followed by France, Italy and Spain.

President Jean-Claude of the European Commission tweeted yesterday saying

“No country should be left alone to address huge migratory pressures”.

There has been a surge in the influx of refugees in recent years with some EU members under pressure to take them on.

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