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Mixed-race Irish man gets €5,000 after colleague’s ‘hateful’ comment about migrants

A mixed-race Irish man received €5,000 in compensation after he claimed that a colleague had made a “hateful” remark against immigrants, causing him to feel ashamed and hurt, reports Breaking News.

This comes after adjudicator Orla Jones of the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) upheld the employee’s allegation that his employer harassed him because of his race.

Ms. Jones determined that the worker’s corrective activity “fell short of what is required to reverse the effects of such harassment” and ordered the unnamed medical device maker to reimburse the worker €5,000, reports Breaking News.

The individual claimed that because his father is African-American, he is of mixed-race ancestry. He said to the WRC that on July 19, 2023, over breakfast in the work cafeteria, a discussion on immigration, refugees, and their status in this nation was initiated.

The individual said that his team leader “made a malicious and hateful comment regarding immigrants” during this talk.

The complainant, a Process Quality Setter at the company, said that, as a person of mixed racial background, he found it insulting that his female colleague had made racist statements regarding asylum seekers, reports Breaking News.

“What used to be, was that the men from these countries would come over here and get jobs and send the money back to their families,” the accuser said of the remark. They are now visiting us and mingling with us. That is the issue.

“This was such a devastating blow to my pride as a person from a mixed background,” the man insisted after hearing the statement. That day, I was hurt and ashamed, reports Breaking News.

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