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Molly Malone statue gets vandalised for third time in two months

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The Molly Malone statue in Dublin city centre has been vandalized for the third time in two months, reports Breaking News.

On Sunday, a bronze monument on Suffolk Street had green writing across its chest: “Please don’t, TY [thank you]” on Sunday.

Last month, the statue’s chest was painted black twice in separate incidents. During one of the events, the phrase “7 years bad luck” appeared, reports Breaking News.

To mark the occasion, Dublin City Council, which looks after monuments in the city centre, had to repair the bronze plaque.

The statue is popular with tourists, whose guides encourage them to rub the statue’s chest for good luck. The vandalism may be related to local opposition to the practice, reports Breaking News.

The former mayor called on the council to remove the statue.

Dublin north inner city Independent Cllr Christy Burke said: “Molly Malone statue has now been spray painted three times over the past few months. It’s time to change the location of the statue,” reports Breaking News.

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