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More cameras will catch drivers who use bus lanes illegally, claims Eamon Ryan

Transport Minister Eamonn Ryan said cameras would be used more widely to better monitor bus lane use, reports Breaking News.

The Green Party leader said behaviour on the streets had been “disimproved” throughout the pandemic and beyond.

He said he and Minister of State Jack Chambers, responsible for roads and infrastructure, were working on road safety, which had become a “real problem”.

Following several recent tragic incidents in which young people died in accidents, the focus has been on road safety.

This year, the number of road accident deaths exceeded last year’s.

The government plans to lower speed limits and increase the maximum number of penalty points people can receive in response to an incident

Mr Ryan said: “One of the initiatives I’m going to be looking for… is a significant increase in the road safety spending. We’ve already earmarked about €27 million, which we’re looking [to use] to roll out more average speed cameras. There’s one on the N7, people know it’s there from Goffs to Naas [in Co Kildare]. We’re looking to roll out a number of those in other locations, particularly on national primaries, which aren’t segregated, where there’s a real safety issue,” reports Breaking News.

“Lastly, we need to reuse much more effective speed cameras on the likes of bus lanes because the policing of the bus lanes is really problematic. Behaviour has disimproved through and after Covid. So using a lot of that camera technology to enforce use of bus lanes, that will help in terms of speed, and also speed management in the city urban areas,” reports Breaking News.

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