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MUST READ: Enda Kenny is said to be ‘livid’ with the Irish public

kenny3 has been informed by a Fine Gael insider that Enda Kenny is ‘livid’ with the Irish public.

It has emerged that Mr Kenny is in shock with what he sees as his “betrayal” by the Irish people in light of last Saturday’s water protests.

Mr Kenny’s ‘can do’ attitude exemplified by his “bhest little country in the world” statement has been replaced by what is being described as “incandescent rage” at the Irish public in general and the water charge protesters in particular.

Our source told the atmosphere in Fine Gael reminds him of scenes in the bunker in the film “downfall”.


It has been made very clear that any Fine Gael TD, Senator, Councilor or activist who expresses any support for the water charge protesters will be immediately expelled without question from the Fine Gael party.

The source tells us it’s the most tense time in the Fine Gael party since Kenny turned on the Fine Gael TDs who abided by the Fine Gael election promise not to introduce abortion.

No other work has been carried out, nothing else is on the agenda except how to break the water charge protests.


Most Fine Gael members know the water protesters are right, but are too terrified to say so. The only explanation they can find is Mr Kenny’s often espoused love for and loyalty to the European Union, an entity whose only interest in Ireland is to extract as much money as possible.

Kenny keeps harping back to the day when crowds turned out in College Green to cheer him and his hero, Barack Obama – a man 10 years younger than him. As Mr Kenny said at the time, he has Obama’s inauguration speech on his desk in Dail Eireann, which he reads every day, our source said “if Enda’s not careful, he’s going to be as unpopular in Ireland as his hero Obama now is in America”.


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