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New Bank Holiday seemingly has a favoured date amongst the public

The Government are pressing ahead with plans to introduce a new Bank Holiday to honour frontline staff and those who we sadly lost during the Covid-19 pandemic, but as a date is yet to be confirmed it seems there is a favourite amongst those on social media.

Although November 29th was originally suggested to coincide with the US Holiday of Thanksgiving, however it seems that a different date is more popular with the public.

Many on social media believe that the new Bank Holiday should fall on February 1st to coincide with St Brigid’s Day.

The idea which has received the backing from the former Minister of Justice Charlie Flanagan and Imelda May amongst others has seemingly gone over with the public with some saying it’s the only option.

It is thought that the prospect of a Bank Holiday on February 1st would have a significant meaning given it is the first day of Spring with the former Justice Minister Flanagan saying: “My tuppence worth on the debate around a proposed new Public Holiday is for St. Brigid’s Day 1st Feb.”

“Brigid is an iconic all island figure, a real fusion of traditional Ireland & modern inclusive Ireland. It’s also the first day of Spring signalling brighter better days ahead.”

Meanwhile others have said that the idea of having the holiday on February 1st would not only break up the time between New Year’s and St Patrick’s Day, but also pay homage to a female Saint which is something that should have been done long ago.

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