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New poll reveals support for Coalition parties is in free fall

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Looks like the writing is on the wall for the Coalition government.

The long string of failed policies have finally exacted a righteous justice on the Taoiseach and his acolytes. A new poll has revealed that popular support for the coalition parties has nosedived five points in the last two months, ant it currently stands at 19%, its lowest since 2003.

The Irish Water loathsome debacle has inflicted the coup de grace to this government, with Enda Kenny himself proudly pulling the trigger in the name of Europe’s grandeur.

Labour have fared no better. They are down three points since the last poll, with a paltry 6% support to their name.

Enda Kenny’s satisfaction rating ranks the lowest it has been since he took the party’s reins in 2002.

Sinn Féin are currently riding the crest of popularity, despite losing two points. Their support stands at 22%.

Fianna Fáil meanwhile are up one point, to 21%.

There has also been a surge in support for Independents/Others. Their share of the popularity pie has increased by 9 points in this poll, standing at 32%.

Overall satisfaction with the Government is at its nadir since the Coalition took over control of the country.

The Coalition’s sunny days appear to be numbered.

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