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News Update: 13th March

Harlem Gas explosion: At least two have died and many more have been injured following a gas leak and subsequent explosion in an apartment complex in Harlem, New York.  

 Penalty point scandal: An investigation has concluded that there were major breaches within the Irish penalty point system.

 Airstrike injunction: Ryanair and the DAA have been granted an injunction to prevent Aer Lingus from going ahead with their air strike this weekend. 

 Firhouse murder: A man has been arrested in connection with the murder of a woman in her fifties in Firhouse over the weekend. 

 Irish resident wanted by FBI: An Irish resident in Mountjoy square is seeking an injunction not to be prosecuted in Ireland over FBI charges that he is facing in relation to child pornography. He is allegedly the main facilitator of child pornography in the world. 

 Man jailed over wreck-less driving: A man has been sentenced to twenty months sue to careless driving two years ago that lead o the death of a fourteen year old boy. He has also been banned from driving for twenty years. 

 Pool accident: Several children were sent to hospital yesterday after toxins got into the ventilation system of a pool in Maynooth.

 Malaysian flight crash: China have claimed to have found satellite footage of the wreckage from the Malaysian airlines flight that vanished during a flight last weekend.It has been reported that the last transmissions from the tragic flight were “Alright, good night”,

 Pistorius: The trial is still underway, yesterday the door that the fatal bullets passed through was displayed to the Jury. 

 Man on Louisiana death-row is exonerated: A man who had been on death row in america for nearly thirty year was exonerated yesterday. He can been wrongfully convicted with the murder of a shop owner. 


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