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News update: 20th March

Ambulance malfunction: Investigations are underway into faulty electrics that left a sick child and paramedics locked in an ambulance for forty minutes when they were on their way to hospital. 

 St.Patricks day attack: After a disturbing video emerged of a violent attack on St.Patricks day, Gardai are investigating the incident where parties were filmed kicking another civilian in the head and allegedly knocking him unconscious. While Gardai have so far identified two suspects in connection with the crime, they are still searching for the victim in the video. 

 Cabra Murder: Gardai have charged a man in relation to the murder of Jason Saunders in Cabra on St.Patricks night. 

 SIPTU injunction: The DAA and Ryanair have sued SIPTU in relation to their attempted strike last week and won. Due to high court orders, SIPTU must now foot their legal fees for last weeks injunction.

 Drink Driving: Despite warnings from the Gardai, a high rate of dangerous driving was still observed on St.Patricks day when 53 people were arrested on suspicions of drink driving.

 London Murder: A man has been charged with the murder of Irishman Michael Hunt in London on Saturday. 

 AIB mortgage agreements: AIB have agreed on 100 debt write-off deals with home owners according to the Irish mortgage holders association. 

 Crimea seizure: Russian forces have seized two naval bases in Crimea and families have begun evacuating the region. 

 Madeline McCann investigation: British police are carrying out investigations after details emerged about a man who assaulted five children in the region where madeline McCann was kidnapped. 

 Belgium shell explosion: A shell from world war I had exploded in Belgium killing two civilians. 

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