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News update: 30th January

ECHR judgement on abuse- A landmark case was successful in the ECHR earlier this week. Cork woman Louise O’Keefe had taken the state to the European Court of human rights over childhood abuse in national schools. While the courts ruled in her favour, It has been suggested that this case will pave the way for hundreds more cases to be brought against the state. 

 ATM robbery- An ATM machine was ripped from the wall of a bank with a digger in Tubbercurry during the early hours of Wednesday morning. The ATM machine was located afterwards, 20km away from the bank. 

 Tragic death in cork- Leon Connon (14) from Kinsale, county Cork has died following a freak accident where his head became trapped in railings last weekend. 

 Dublin flood warnings- Dublin has again been issued with flood warnings, while security has been put in place in high risk areas, the issue is to be further assessed tomorrow. 

 Coppers crush- Seven patrons were injured on Monday when a barrier fell and led to a crowd crush outside Copper faced jacks nightclub. One girl was left in critical condition, however she has begun to recover from her injuries. 

 Madeline disappearance- Detectives from Britain have travelled to portugal to co-operate with the Portuguese authorities on sourcing Madeline McCann. They are currently investigating three burglars who were spotted on the night that Madeline went missing. 

 Pylon compensation- It has been announced that a number of homes within the vicinity of pylons may be receiving up to €30,000 worth in damages. 

 Jim Mansfield dies- The Irish Businessman Jim Mansfield has died aged 75 following a long term illness. He was the former owner of the city west hotel. 

 Hospital Investigation- This week Prime time on RTE will be hosting a special investigation into a series of maternal deaths in a Portlaoise hospital.

 Cork crash- It has been established that a spanish regulator attributed to a fatal crash in Cork that killed six passengers three years ago. 

 Make up ban- A ban has been introduced in Ireland that prevents dancers who are under ten years old from wearing make up. The ban will come into effect in March. 

 2013: Irelands best year for tourism- It has been announced that 2013 was Irelands best year for tourism since 2008. The Gathering festival has been praised for this growth. 

 Argentinian redundancies- A politician in Argentina has fired 170 workers through a youtube video. 

 Ukraine riots- According to the former Ukraine president, the country is verging on civil war as riots in Kiev and the country escalate. 

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