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Our News, your Views: 30th January


During the week the Liberal.ie on facebook regularly posts current affairs, breaking news stories, showbiz updates and quirky facts. Our reader’s ideas and opinions are fundamental to our publication. Here is what you all loved, liked and dissed during the week.

Drink driving deaths

While it was announced earlier this week that there were over 800 drink driving arrests over christmas and 21 road deaths over the holiday season, we asked our viewers what good ideas could help to prevent the issue. Some ideas included the addition of more speeding cameras, heftier sentencing and the absence of car-parks from pubs. One viewer from Newbridge cited a clever idea that takes place in their home town “Our local has beer mats on the counter with local taxi numbers on them!!!! Great idea Mc Donalds pub Newbridge b:-)”

Trust in Irish charities

Last week saw a lot of controversy in relation to charities in Ireland, a dispute between Alan Shatter and the rehab group and the announcement that a charity regulator is to be appointed in Ireland. We asked readers whether they had  trust in Irish charities; many people had become disillusioned with national charities due to recent reports and Nicola NikNak Robson told us this very disheartening story “I bought raffle tix at christmas for a well known charity and after the draw I called them up to see who had won and a very abrupt ‘lady’ told me “it wasn’t you,” and then hung up on me!!”

Twitter justice

Two men received prison sentences in England during the week after they directed abusive tweets at a feminist for implying that more women should appear on bank notes. Our readers agreed that prison sentences are necessary to prevent online bullying. Helen M Dunne said “ [I] Agree, you have to take responsibility for what you type. Some people think you can say anything you like online and they can’t be accountable for it”

Valentines movies

With Valentines day looming just around the corner, we asked viewers what their favorite romantic movies were, needless to say there was a great variety of favourites  Some movies mentioned included Pretty woman, The lucky one, My best friends wedding, The way we were, Fifty first dates, Dirty dancing and even action and children films got a mention with Up and Diehard making the list. Regina Nicholson said “ Diehard, he does all that for his wife”. However, the notebook topped the list.

Hero- Tyler

Last week, we heard the heart breaking story about Tyler Doohan, the eight year old hero who passed away in a house fire after he saved six of his family members and attempted to save his grandfather. Many people expressed their condolences toward the heroic boy. Michelle Mccoy said “RIP little angel u are a true hero” while Nat Harmon said “This story breaks my heart. A true hero xx RIP”.

Simons return

The most feared judge to grace the talent industry Simon Cowell may be returning to the X-factor UK in order to return the show to its former glory and ratings. We asked viewers if they wanted Cowell to grace their screens again and most viewers agreed that they did. Terri Maguire said “I think hes hilarious,he’s also truthful so he should return”

However Donna Donaghy also commented “Love simon , but heard he was very ignorant 2 FUNKY FEET here in DUNDALK at the auditions in BELFAST last w/end… SO AM NOT LOVIN HIM 2 MUCH AT THE MIN X”

Reform alliance

The reform alliance was a huge success in the RDS. Many citizens attending the event with the hopes of reforming the current political system and introducing a new party. We asked viewers what they hoped the outcome would be from the alliance. Linda Towell Gannon commented with the idea that a new party needs to challenge the government to succeed “No gud to us unless she loses the hard faced attitude she had when she was with the last crowd!!! We need someone who will challenge the government not agree with everything they do – oh we had that before!!! With Joan Burton but she soon changed her tune – constantly disappointed with the whole lot of them and them NEVER having to give a straight answer to questions???!”

Bieber blues

One popular story this week followed the teen star Justin Bieber and his run in with the authorities after he committed a DUI offense. We asked whether he was ‘Just having a good time’ or taking things too far? Jenny Garrett discussed the serious effect that fame and money can have on stars at such a young age.”Heading down the wrong path for sure but it would be hard not too….he had so much at such a young age. Kinda feel sorry for him.”

Other viewers were not forgiving towards the teen star however. Sarah Maher said “I think he is an a¨ and I for one am sick and tired of hearing about him!!!!! I’m just thankful he didn’t kill someone when he was out racing under the influence!!!! “

Grammy Goss

It’s one of the greatest annual events in Hollywood and this week trend spotters and gossip junkies got to drool over/ shudder at some celebrity fashion choices at the 2014 Grammies . We posted updates on the event. Viewers dissed Alicia Keys neon blue formal wear, while Katy Perrys key note patterned wedding dress received mixed reviews. Belinda Meaghan said “ I saw this dress on a wedding site they said it would suit the Grammys – guess it does “.

Pharrells choice of hat however was an all round disaster with some viewers likening it to the sorting hat from Harry Potter. Matty Kielthy commented “Is that the hat from Harry Potter??”

The disappointment of Amber

Last week, RTE aired a short 4 part drama based on a fictional missing person case in Dublin. However after watching all 4 episodes, many viewers were not entirely satisfied with the series. We asked viewers what their opinions were. People were disappointed with the outcome after investing their evening towards watching the show. Pauline Mccormack commented “was soooo disapointed. after watching for four nights religiously it was a big let down!!?!” While other viewers had come to a different conclusion about the show and how it depicted a realistic and tragic view of the lives of many families in unsolved missing person cases. Amy Clifford said “It’s what I expected!!! Unfortunately this is the harsh reality many families face when a loved 1 goes missing ;-(

They live with the what ifs … & the what might have happened every day!!”

Coppers Crush

One of the most shocking stories this week was about an incident that took place outside Copper faced jacks nightclub on Harcourt street in Dublin. Due to overcrowding outside the nightclub, a fallen barrier proved fatal when one girl ended up in critical condition in St.James hospital and several other patrons were injured. What was most shocking about the incident was the fact that it was such an unnecessary accident on what should have been a typical busy student night.

Many factors were attributed to the incident like drink promotions and the fact that Coppers had lowered the admission age to 18 and over. We asked our readers what their opinions were on the incident and night club capacities. While many readers reasoned with the fact that the incident occurred outside rather than inside the actual venue, there was a general consensus that adequate preparations had not been made towards crowd control. Michelle brooks commented “Obviously the place was stuffed beyond capacity. When people are in a panic it is difficult to reason with them (flight or fright reaction kicks in) then add in alcohol/drugs or whatever else they might have taken! The blame lies with the greedy management/owners, they should be made an example of…”

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