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Noonan: ” I stand by my remarks about some people being allergic to work”


The Minister for Finance and Fine Gael TD Michael Noonan has said he stands by his remarks he made which claims some people are “allergic to work”. Mr Noonan strongly believes his controversial remark “speaks for itself”.

Mr Noonan has defended his comments he made whilst he was speaking at a Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce lunch earlier this week, during his address the Finance Minister said: “we all know there will be people who will never work. They’re allergic to work”. However the controversial comments have not gone down well with the Labour party who were quick to accuse Mr Noonan of “electioneering” at the their expense, Labour party ministers have since moved to distance themselves from the remarks which they claim are damaging to their upcoming election campaign.

Mr Noonan has since released a statement standing by his remarks: “What I said speaks for itself.” “I think anybody who looks at the context of what I was saying was that I was trying to explain when we talk about full employment it doesn’t mean nobody on the live register. He added: “Full employment means somewhere less than six per cent unemployed and there’s always some and there’s always going to be a number of people on the live register for one reason or another, and that was the context of what I said.”

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