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North Korea ready to “pre-emptively attack and liberate Seoul”

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North Korea has said that its ready to “liberate Seoul” and pre-emptively attack the South.

This announcement comes in response to the latest joint military drills between South Korea and the United States of America which North Korea condemned as “preparations for invasion”.

A statement made and carried through state media said that the North’s Korean People’s Army said its front-line units were prepared to strike first if they saw signs that American and South Korean troops involved in the annual drills were attempting to invade the North.

The KPA said it would counter the drills. They claim these drills are aimed at advancing into Pyongyang with further plans to “liberate the whole of South Korea including Seoul” and also that it is capable of executing “ultra-precision blitzkrieg” strikes against enemy targets.

The allies responded and said that the drills are defensive and routine. They are described as the biggest ever and follow the North’s recent nuclear test and long-range rocket launch.

South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff called for North Korea to stop its threats and “rash behaviour”. They warned that a provocation from Pyongyang would result in the destruction of its highest leadership.

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