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“Not an Inch” – Barricades blocking migration plantation in Clare not coming down until it’s closed and unvetted male migrants are gone, locals patriots tell Minister

The Irish patriots of Inch, Co. Clare are not backing down in the face of government intimidation and media smears, they say they will not cease their protests until the migrant plantation established in their community is shut down.

The barricades will not be coming down Minister for State for Integration Joe O’Brien was told by locals in Inch, which were set up after 33 unvetted, male migrants arrived at Magowna House last Monday evening.

However, Minister O’Brien offered to halt new unvetted males being housed at Magowna House for four weeks.

Making a request to local delegation at the the Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis, Mr O’Brien said the proposal to locals “was that the barricades are taken down and in four weeks time I will come back down and meet with them again and during that four weeks, no additional people will come to Magowna House”. The Irish Times reported.

In recent months popular, grass roots resistance to the government’s 21st Century planation of Ireland has spread to numerous towns and cities.

The moral of Irish patriots seeking to halt this government sponsored and taxpayer funded invasion has been boosted recently after the community of Pearse Street achieved an inspiring victory, driving out a migrant encampment of unvetted and aggressive men that was supported by Irish open boarders activists.

Tensions had flared between locals and the unvetted males staying at the encampment in a laneway off Sandwith Street, one footage going viral of one man, suspected of being a Kurdish terrorist, lashing out violently at concerned Irish citizens with a pole before being beaten down by locals defending themselves.

Gardaí later removed two machetes from the encampment and on Friday night tensions reached a fever pitch and the migrants along with their Irish leftist supporters had to be escorted under Garda protection from the area as locals cheered and celebrated.

The site of the encampment was then cleared by locals and some pallets were burned.

Irish people are finding themselves a minority in parts of Ireland, including even parts of rural Ireland, and with this unprecedented ramping up of the population replacement agenda a new flame of resistance has been kindled.

While imminent concerns of public safety, availability of services and additional strains on an already critically low housing supply are driving protests in Ireland, the long term and even more fundamental demographic change being foisted upon the country poses an existential threat to the very idea of an Irish Nation.

Minister of State Joe O’Brien stated in January that the Department of Justice is looking at giving Ukrainian refugees a pathway to citizenship he also said we should expect to welcome 80,000 new refugees and asylum seekers in 2023 alone.

These mind-boggling statements came at the same time as Minister for Children, Roderick O’Gorman, said Ireland will have to accept “climate refugees” in the coming years.

This massive demographic change will ultimately lead to a fundamental change in the character and culture of Ireland forever and clearly this is the goal.

This is the destruction of “national homogeneity” as the late Peter Sutherland described it when calling on the EU to use mass migration to breakdown the national identities of its member states to make them more acquiescent to a supranational state.

This plan is however, not going to be implemented without at least a whimper from the indigenous people of this island as Irish men and women are refusing to sit idly by as the dissolution of their nationhood and theft of their children’s birth right takes place.

Comments from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Garda Commissioner Drew Harris smearing the patriotic men and women of Ireland are nothing new, but the fact that they are now not only falling on deaf ears, but in fact helping to galvanise resistance to this plantation agenda has the establishment terrified.

The recent outbreaks of violence among migrants at plantations in places such as Killarney, City West, Courtown and East Wall has vindicated the concerns of protesters and helped galvanise further resistance.

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