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Opinion: Cabinet reshuffle – more like Cabaret reshuffle


The laughable reshuffle of the cabinet today, is another indication that the government have no direction, no vision and no real plan as to where to take the country.

Replacing one yes man with another is not the answer to any of our problems.

What in the name of all that is good will Leo Varadkar bring to the Ministry of Health? Surely replacing one doctor with another will be just as useless? We need a person in this role with business experience, someone who knows how to actually run a company.

Exactly what type of experience does Alan Kelly have for the Environment portfolio? Can Kenny or Kelly point to anything that he’s done to show his credentials and that this isn’t just another job for the boys?

Ditto Heather Humphreys. Arts is not an important portfolio for many but it is one of our key areas as a country. We’ll expect results from her and proof that she’s not just there to make up the numbers in terms of female TDs.

Is Charlie Flanagan really going to be able to put the best foot forward in Europe and abroad? Why is he being given this portfolio? Can anyone even think of one positive thing that he’s done since being appointed Minister for Children? (Although many readers will probably not even know he was the Minister for Children, he’s been so quiet in the role).

Some of the new roles are nonsensical. Gerard Nash is now “Super Junior Minister for Jobs”. What does that even mean? Does he have responsibility for creating jobs? Did he get a new job himself? Is it only half a job, or really something very special with that title? Does anyone even know?

In general, reshuffles like this are good for one thing only – massaging the egos of those politicians elevated, and deflating the hopes of those who didn’t make the cut. There must be many disappointed hearts in Dail Eireann this evening. Despite the assurances of the Taoiseach that we’re back in “normal time” and we need to get on with promoting recovery, they’ll only be thinking one thing – Enda promised so much, and delivered so little.

On the plus side however, we’re getting shot of Pat “run” Rabitte and Eamon Gilmore… small mercies, I guess.


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