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Opinion: Clamping is simply a revenue collecting exercise, writes Daniel Crown


Before reading this article, I want the Dublin readers to ask themselves when the last time they saw a car clamped in Neilstown, Finglas, Jobstown, Tallaght or even Blanchardstown? The answer is never.

The Dublin Corporation’s guards,  strategically position themselves in leafy suburbs of Dublin’s South side. You’ll see a ream of Bentleys, Jaguars, Mercs and BMWs all with a yellow shoe attached, but you don’t see too many white van drivers facing the same challenge.

The issue, in my opinion,  is that the order decent citizen has been led to believe in a set of rules that supposedly increases traffic flow. The real meaning of course is that they see well-to-do people as easy revenue sources.

€80, €100 and €120 is easy money when the thug-like clamper is in town. Why aren’t these same clampers looking for that money in North or West Dublin? They’re afraid of the reaction, and rightly so.

I’m sick and tired and paying heed and attention to narrow minded, claw grabbing, revenue collecting white collar thugs.

Why are their no clamps in Northern Ireland? They’re afraid of a bomb being left in the car, they give fines instead. Excuse the pun, but their traffic works “fine”.

The mayhem and frustration that clamps cause can and have actually left people in hospital. If you park illegally, get fined and drive away. It’s time to copy our northern neighbours.

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