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#1 Airstrikes: US launches airstrikes against ISIS positions around Haditha dam. This facility is a key piece of infrastructure, currently under Iraqi control. ISIS forces have so far been beaten back and prevented from seizing it.

#2 Charleville: Removal service for tragic Charleville brothers will get underway this evening. Community reportedly still in shock over this horrendous incident.

#3 Rivers: Funeral for comedian and TV personality Joan Rivers takes place today. A plethora of showbiz colleagues to attend.

#4 Backpackers: Australian social services report a dramatic increase in the numbers of Irish backpackers seeking assistance from local charity organizations.

#5 Ukraine: Concerns raised about ceasefire in the Ukrainian region after shelling reported near port and heavy fighting continues elsewhere in this troubled part of the world.

#6 Ebola: Sierra Leone to enforce a 4-day “home confinement” rule to try and contain the spread of the Ebola virus. Citizens will not be allowed to leave their homes between September 18 and September 21, to enable health officials to identify new cases and attempt to control the grave situation.

#7 Giant Granny: Oversized marionette Giant Granny bids farewell to Limerick.


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