Opinion: Ireland is no country for Irish people - Young Irish are "generation rent" as government swears to house 200,000 migrants

Opinion: Ireland is no country for Irish people – Young Irish are “generation rent” as government swears to house 200,000 migrants

The government clearly do not want a nation of home owners, that is to say, they do not want a nation of Irish homeowners.

The desire to own one’s own home and property is deep in the race in our country but it appears to be one that the government are hell bent and wrenching from the Irish heart and soul.

We see that there is no desire to rectify the decreasing numbers of homeowners or provide young Irish families with affordable housing with the new retirement scheme to placate “generation rent” as younger Irish people are being referred to.

It is ironic that just as the government announce this, a statement comes from none other than the Green Party leader Eamon Ryan that he wishes to give every refugee their “own door”.

This is a statement from the Green Party who have somehow slithered their way back into government after being righteously destroyed at polls after overseeing the economic collapse and bank bailout of 2008.

Thousands are homeless, tens of thousands more are unable to get onto the housing ladder and start families, as birth rates plummet leading to a demographic time bomb.

Yet the unholy trinity of Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and the Greens priorities migrants and refugees, stating that they will not cap the asylum seekers coming in from Ukraine 200,000, almost 5% of the current population.

The cost-of-living skyrockets putting enormous pressure on the Irish middle and working class but the flood gates must remain open, the massive demographic change cannot be allowed to be halted, it must only be accelerated.

It’s time to ask whom do our elected officials actually serve, is it the Irish people or elites from beyond our shores with warped ideas about destroying national identity and our way of life.

As mentor to many world leaders, including Tánaiste, and soon to be Taoiseach again, Leo Varadkar and head of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab said:

“You will own nothing and be happy”.

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