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Opinion: The people of Ireland did not vote for the Green Party to be in government and hike up fuel prices

One thing is for sure after the general election on February the 8th – Ireland did NOT vote for Eamon Ryan of the Green Party to be in talks to make up part of a new government.

The tiny number of 4 x 4 driving, leafy south Dublin types that voted for this imbecilic party had absolutely no hope of actually seeing their beloved hippyesque politicians actually make up part of the government.

Forget their supporters, the Green Party themselves had little expectation of even getting any politicians back into the Dail such was the appetite of the electorate.

Then the limbo election happened.

More over, then coronavirus happened and the general election felt like something that happened from 10 years ago.

The coronavirus pandemic has very helpful for Leo Varadkar and Simon Harris, even Micheal Martin too.

The public hate and detest for these three men has been somewhat clouded by bigger issues of late.

However, now that we can finally see an end in sight of coronavirus, emphasis goes back on who will make up the next dail and it now looks likely that it’ll be Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and the Green Party.

The Green Party want a 7%  reduction per year in greenhouse gas emissions – just imagine how much that’s going to cost you, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

Well that’s how things look after Leo and Simon appear to have cosied up with Micheal Martin of late.

This most certainly is not what the electorate voted for and it appears to me that the only fair thing to do at this stage, given all that’s happened this year, is to hold another general election and let the people decide who they want in government, not what Leo Varadkar, Simon Harris, Micheal Martin and Eamon Ryan decide for them.

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