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OPINION: There is racism in Ireland but it’s racism against the Irish themselves #IrelandisFull

You can literally say whatever you like about a white, straight, Catholic Irishman and no one or nothing will bat an eyelid. You can slag off the Catholic Church on national broadcasters, TV shows and political shows and the lovies on the left will cheer you on.

The same element get up in arms and take to the streets when literally anything remotely not to their liking is said about any other religion or any foreign person not born here, moved here or wants to live here.

Should you have the audacity to say you’re a genuinely concerned citizen who, for the absurd idea, wants to actually know what sort of person their new neighbours could be, then you’re instantly branded as “far right”, “racist”, “xenophobic” or a “hater”.

These name-throwing, knuckle-dragging sheep have no comprehension of what’s happened in other countries where unvetted criminals managed to sneak in evading authorities with no background checks due to lack of documentation or other such asylum seeking efforts.

Fear not, the vast number of people privately but thankfully now much more publicly are speaking up and speaking out to the political correct unwashed blue-haired brigade.

They’re not being affronted by feeble threats of name calling because it no longer works.

People aren’t “far right”, they’re “right so far” and they’re fully right to be concerned and know exactly what sort of people will be living in the close proximity of their families. It’s their just right to know these people’s backgrounds.

Anyone who contradicts such an argument is racist – they’re racist towards genuinely decent concerned Irish citizens who want to keep Ireland safe, want their children’s future to be as good or better than theirs and want Ireland to house the Irish homeless community before anyone else.

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