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Opinion: Water charges, property tax, Enda Kenny – you’re a liar and a disgrace! writes Daniel Crown

Enda Kenny


For anyone who reads this article from outside Ireland, let me introduce you to An Taoiseach, Enda Kenny. This Mayo man is the so-called leader of Ireland. He’s the head of the Fine Gael party and is supposedly representing the people of Ireland.

Now for the truth about Enda kenny:

In my opinion, Enda Kenny has lied his way to the position he’s currently in. He sold Ireland a truck load of lies, convincing vulnerable voters that he’ll get ‘Ireland working’ and that he thinks a property tax is ‘immoral’.

I’m not fan of his predecessor but like an villain – at least when you know when you know what someone is really like, you don’t hold out any expectations. Kenny and Co. duped the Irish people into thinking they’d ‘fix the health sector’, they’d ‘stop emigration’, they wouldn’t bow to the bondholders.

Kenny has not only reneged on his promises, but he open doesn’t care. The man is pathetic. He shamelessly turned his back on the pro-life movement in Ireland after courting their vote to not legislate for any form of abortion. He vehemently told Roscommon people that he would bend over backwards to keep their A&E facilitated(it closed last year).

The sad truth of the matter is, Enda Kenny is a traitor to this country. He has his beady eyes set on a big job in Europe and he is hell bent on pleasing Angela Merkel to get it. He has shafted the Irish people with the austerity budgets which have absolutely no effect on his massive €200,000 wages.

Kenny hadn’t and hasn’t the backbone to do what’s right, to truthfully fight for the Irish people and get this country on the correct path. He went cap in hand to Europe to get his own wages paid and the wages of his buddies. If we hadn’t the corporation tax rate, Kenny would definitely be on the chopping block because there simply would be little to no employment outside the public sector. This man is a civil servant, he is there to serve the people – instead of that, he has broken promise after promise after promise.

Emigration rising, unemployment stagnant, water charges, property charges, the list goes on.

Today is the 1st of October, it’s the first day of the atrocious water charges. Charges which, make no mistake, are to facilitate more wage bills. Kenny numerous times is quoted as condemning ‘jobs for the boys’… well he needs to take a long hard look in the mirror. He’s as far away from John Redmond’s Fine Gael as you can possibly get.

Enda Kenny, you’re a disgrace to the Irish people.

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