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OPINION: What neutrality? Irish politicians sound more like war-mongers than peace keepers

There’s been a lot of rhetoric about a Irish neutrality since the Russian military launched a large scale offensive in Ukraine in late February.

Despite what the Irish community generally believe, Irish Neutrality is not enshrined in our Constitution. Even if it was, with media propaganda at all time highs, our Constitution could be easily amended in a REPEAL style media campaign.

In April 2019, the Irish Government rejected a Bill seeking to enshrine Ireland’s neutrality. Back then, Sinn Féin accused Simon Coveney of trying to be ‘best boy in class’ on the route to signing Ireland up to an EU army.

In 2022, Irish Neutrality is a topic of conversation again.

We have pro EU Irish politicians who act as if they are not accountable to Irish voters, making up definitions of neutrality as they go along with their full support of the Ukrainian government and uttering racist comments and doling out collective punishment to the ordinary Russian People through punitive sanctions. We even had the President of Ukraine rebuke Our Irish Neutrality, yet he received a standing ovation in the Dáil from our own politicians.

The Irish Times reported on Simon Coveney who outlined that the government is “finalising a new policy on common defence and security though the European Union.”

One independent politician, Cathal Berry even said the quiet part out loud when he called for Irish army weapons to be shipped to Ukraine.

There is no doubt about the goals of this FFG coalition government and other opposition political parties.

The Ukrainian / Russian conflict following Kiev’s failure to implement the terms of the Minsk agreements signed in 2014 is being used by war-mongers in the Irish political system and media to diminish our long-standing peace keeping Irish neutrality to bring us Irish into line with the rest of Europe.

Whatever happened to anti war protests that sought to have those at war come to the peace table and negotiate a settlement?
Where are the oppositions anti-war street protests?

What we are getting from our politicians and media is war-mongering on a grand scale and racism in the form of Russophobia.

The ongoing social engineering of the Irish community will no doubt guarantee we reject our longstanding neutrality and replace it with EU warmongering policies.

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