Outrage in India after a woman gets dragged by car for an hour after crash

Outrage in India after a woman gets dragged by car for an hour after crash

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The death of a woman who was dragged by a car for an hour after a collision has sparked outrage in India.

The five men who dragged the woman 8 miles on New Year’s Day knew she was stuck under their car and “deliberately ran over her,” said the woman, who was traveling with the victim in the passenger seat of a vehicle at two wheels.

Anjali Singh, 20, was killed after a car collided with her scooter in the early hours of January 1 and she was dragged 13km through the streets of Delhi before the occupants abandoned the body.

The five men, arrested the same day, confessed to having been drunk during the crash but said they were unaware that the woman was trapped under the car.

Another woman, Nidhi, who was in the passenger seat with Singh before the crash, spoke for the first time since the horrific crash.

The woman spoke to the media after CCTV footage showed her arguing with Singh minutes before the incident.

“The Baleno hit us head on. I fell to one side and she fell under the car,” Nidhi told reporters, reports Independent.

The woman, who said she has known Singh for about 14 days, said they had returned from a party at a hotel and she was dropping her house when the incident occurred.

“My friend got stuck under the car. The men knew that a girl had rolled under their car. They deliberately ran over her. They knew,” she said, reports Independent.

The gruesome details of the incident shocked the country and people took to the streets to protest and demand justice for the victim.

The woman’s autopsy report revealed that she suffered 40 injuries to her body from “blunt force impact and possible with vehicular accident and dragging”, reports Independent.

The report revealed the extent of the horrific injuries to her body that led to her death.

“All injuries collectively can cause death in ordinary course of nature. However, injury to the head, spine, long bones and other injuries can cause death independently and collectively in ordinary course of nature,” the report stated, reports Independent.

The incident continued to make headlines in the capital. There were claims that Singh was drunk after the party and got into a fight with the other woman over riding the scooter.

However, the autopsy report reportedly found no traces of alcohol in his blood.

Swati Maliwal, head of Delhi’s Women’s Commission, on Wednesday urged people to end victim shaming.

She said such claims were “shameful” and asked, “where is the proof of the woman being intoxicated?”, reports Indeoendent.

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