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Over 30,000 households are experiencing ‘hidden homelessness’, claims report

Over 30,000 homes on the island of Ireland are thought to be disguised homeless, according to estimates from the Simon Communities of Ireland and Simon Communities of Northern Ireland, reports RTE.

The phrase “hidden homelessness” refers to people who may be homeless but whose housing status is hidden from view because they frequently squat in workplaces, sleep in automobiles, or “sofa surf.”

It is also possible that these people have not requested assistance from their local housing authority, in which case this is not included in official statistics.

The results of an Ireland Thinks and Lucid Talks survey with sample sizes of 1,762 in the Republic of Ireland and 1,050 in Northern Ireland are published in “Under the Radar: Unveiling Hidden Homelessness Across the Island of Ireland,” reports RTE.

It reveals that 3.8% of individuals in the Northern Ireland and 3.3% of those in the Republic of Ireland have no choice but to live in a range of circumstances.

Of those numbers, 83% of people in the South and 77% of those in the North have experienced concealed homelessness for at least six months.

The paper claims that the lack of a sufficient supply of safe, affordable housing has made the homelessness situation worse in both areas, reports RTE.

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