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PAC receive dossier alleging tax evasion by the countries leading politicians


According to various media reports a member of the Public Accounts Committee has confirmed that he has presented a dossier alleging tax evasion by some of the countries leading politicians over a number of years to the committee.

The news came to light this afternoon after The Irish Times reported some details of the alleged tax evasion. Meanwhile the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has spoken on the alleged offences saying that tax evasion by anyone is not acceptable and there can be no tolerance of it. Mr Varadkar was quoted saying that he himself is tax compliant and he was certain that the PAC will investigate further. Mr Varadkar also confirmed that there is now a legislation in place to protect whistleblowers.

It is believed that members of the PAC received a letter and a dossier yesterday afternoon underlining the allegations of substantial tax evasion by people, including senior politicians and at least one former judge, dating back as far as 15 years ago. It is understood that the allegations were made by a serving civil servant who sent the dossier under the new Protected Disclosure of whistleblowing legislation. The civil servant apparently uncovered the alleged tax evasion in the course of his official duties. The civil servant also claims that a number of senior ministers and State agencies failed to fully investigate his findings.

However the PAC Chairman John McGuinness believes that this is the first disclosure to the PAC under the new legislation, and as such, they are taking a serious but cautious approach to the matter they also say that they are taking legal advice on the matter. It is thought that the legal advice will be discussed next Thursday.

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