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Parent reported to police after expressing concerns about the promotion of transgenderism to their 5-yr-old child at school

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A parent in Australia has had police call on them to warn them against “transphobia” after they dared to disagree with their 5-year-old child being indoctrinated with gender ideology at school.

The parent said they were told by Roseville Kids Club, which provides before and after school care for students from Roseville Primary School, that the lessons were to raise a more “inclusive” generation of students the Daily Mail reported.

Children as young as five are being indoctrinated with gender ideology and transgenderism, as well as “pan-sexuality” and “non-binary” identities are promoted to them at the Roseville Kids Club in Sydney and now parents who oppose this face possible police intimidation.

When one unnamed parent raised their concerns with the Roseville Kids Club, they were reported to the police the Daily Telegraph reported.

“I visited it and was shocked that there was a giant out-size Pride flag, it was the biggest flag in the room, far bigger than the Australian flag,” the anonymous parent told the Daily Telegraph.

“When I went in there was an entire wall describing different sexualities giving definitions of things like ‘pansexual’ and ‘lesbian’.

“My child is five, I don’t understand what possible justification there is for exposing them to sexual identities like this.” The concerned parent went on to say.

The motto of the Roseville Kids Club is ironically “where kids can be kids” but the emphasis is not on reading, writing or arithmetic but rather and the promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism and other issues related to the LGGBBDTTQQUIAAAAPPP2SNBGVGQGNC+ “community” to impressionable children.

Following the police report however, thankfully common sense and decency prevailed and the parent was assured by a constable that there was no case to answer and they hadn’t committed an offence.

The promotion of LGBTQI2SA+ etc. etc. issues in school and in particular the indoctrination of children to accept the precepts of the transgender belief system is ramping up across the Western world.

Earlier this month Miriam Cates, a UK Member of Parliament and former biology teacher, has told her fellow MPs that the country’s sex education curriculum is encouraging pupils to self-identify as transgender, the Daily Mail UK reported.

In Ireland, gender ideology is planned to be pumped into the impressionable and vulnerable minds of not just secondary school children but also primary school children from their earliest years in the education system.

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