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Paris Terrorist Attacks: Here’s what we know so far this morning

Paris and the World are waking up this morning still in shock from the events that unfolded in the French capital last night.

The harrowing attacks on French capital which has reportedly claimed 160 innocent lives leaves the French nation along with the rest of the world in mourning today, with many still looking for answers as to why this tragic massacre occurred.

There has been wide spread speculation that the Islamic militant group ISIS are responsible for the harrowing attacks on the French people, but there has been no official confirmation as to who claims responsibility for the assault on the French capital, and with the country currently in the state of emergency the hunt for those responsible will surely be on the forefront of the French public’s minds.

Here is what we know so far:

Bataclan Concert Hall is the scene of biggest casualty of the Paris attacks with 120 people being killed and many more injured at the venue after they were held hostage by two armed men last night.

Stade de France the stadium is where the French President Francois Hollande along with 80,000 spectators gathered to watch France take on Germany, reports say that there were two suicide attacks and a bombing near the stadium which claimed the lives of three people who where at near by McDonalds restaurant.

Petit Cambodge Restaurant, A Cambodian restaurant in the 10th district of the French capital was the scene of mass panic when masked gunmen armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles opened fire on innocent civilians which resulted in 11 fatalities.

Rue de Charonne came under siege after an elite police unit barged their way into the Bataclan theatre which resulted in a shoot out taking place in the 11th district. It is not yet known how many fatalities there are in the theatre, although a number of eye witnesses have said they have seen a number of bodies lying in the streets outside.

Les Halles Shopping Mall police have confirmed there where shootings at the shopping centre close to the Pompidou centre, although the number of fatalities has not yet been confirmed.

The Paris police force have also confirmed that two suicide bombers involved in the Bataclan Concert Hall attack used suicide belts to detonate their explosions inside the venue, whilst a third terrorist was shot dead at the venue.

Meanwhile the French government have also announced that the country’s border’s with nearby nations has been closed due to the attacks.


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