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Passenger jet makes emergency landing at Dublin Airport


United Airlines flight UA-295, en route from London Heathrow to Washington and carrying 140 passengers onboard, was forced to declare an emergency while flying over the Irish Sea this afternoon when smoke and fumes were detected.

The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200, was cruising at 36,000 feet when the anomaly was noticed. Smoke and fumes billowed through the flight deck and the foward cabin area. The flight crew equipped their oxygen masks and contacted air traffic control to declare an emergency, at around 5:45pm.

The pilots requested permission to divert to Dublin and also to initiate fuel dump procedures, so that they could land the plane within safe weight parameters.

Afte jettisoning the fuel, the flight crew initiated their descent, intending to land on Dublin Airport’s secondary runway. Minutes before landing however, poor weather forced them to abort the manouever and circle around again onto the main runway. Other approaching aircraft already in the grid were put on a holding pattern.

The second landing attempt was successful and UA-295 touched down safely on the airport’s main runway at 6:16pm, with emergency vehicles following. The crew radioed that there could see no flames, just smoke.

Normal operations at the airport resumed after the plane was checked out.

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