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People are delighted with 100ml liquid limit finally being removed at Dublin Airport


Social media users have reacted joyously to news that the 100ml limit on liquids is going to be scrapped in the not too distant future.

Travellers will no longer have to carry liquids and laptops out of their bags through security when transiting through Dublin and all Irish airports within the next year.

The Department for Transport told the Irish Mirror last night that cumbersome rules requiring you to separate liquids and electronics at security checkpoints will be dropped by 2024.

The size limit for liquids and gels that you can carry in your hand luggage on the plane (only 100 ml) is also to be lifted.

It will make the travel experience much more pleasant and speed up the queues at the security checkpoints.

A ministry spokeswoman said rules were already being relaxed at the country’s smaller airports, adding that the largest, Dublin, will introduce the new system before 2024.

The Mirror finds that there is only one of the dedicated scanners at each of Shannon, Cork and Donegal airports.

The Dublin change will be the largest operation as 30 cars will have to be changed.

The traffic spokeswoman said: “All Irish airports comply with European aviation security regulations in relation to hand luggage screening,” reports The Mirror.

A DAA spokesman said they are working to roll out the changes and are conducting trials before bidding for the necessary equipment and service personnel.

Kevin Cullinane, daa Group Head of Communications, said: “daa continues to implement the EU-wide aviation security regulation in relation to the 100ml limit for liquids, lotions, gels and pastes at Dublin and Cork airports. However, daa is currently trialling new enhanced x-ray technology at Dublin Airport which passengers will notice as they travel through the airport this Christmas. As Dublin Airport has over 30 x-ray machines, across two terminals, this will be a complex process. The recent announcement of €6 million in exchequer funding in Budget 2023 will be put towards the upgrading of the passenger security screening area at Cork Airport next year. “This project will involve the purchase of the new state-of-the-art equipment, as well as the completion of significant civil works within the terminal building. When installed, the new technology at Dublin and Cork airports will end the need to remove laptops and liquids from cabin baggage and will enhance the overall customer experience for passengers,” reports The Mirror.

Liquidity rules were tightened after a Briton, Richard Reid, tried to blow up a transatlantic jet with homemade explosives hidden in his shoes in December 2001.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), which represents airlines, said it hoped the industry and passengers would be “fully informed” of any changes.

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